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28mm MoTM: Revolutionary Justice Pack

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Sorry - this item is no longer available.

28mm Model-of-the-Month for July is the Revolutionary Justice Pack

This is the second model in our "Model of the Month" (MoTM) project.  Each  month we're planning to make a limited run of a different model.

The second in the series is a 1/60th scale ("28mm") model of a guillotine with surrounding scaffolding and a prison wagon to take the unfortunate victims to their doom.

Both models are included as unpainted kits in the "Revolutionary Justice Pack".

NOTE: If you would prefer to receive a second copy of the wagon in place of the guillotine - please check out our alternative MoTM for July: Two Circus Wagons

Though popularized by the French revolutionaries for the rapid dispatch of the aristocracy in the 1790's, guillotines had been in use for executions since the eleventh century - and the French have continued to use them for applying capital punishment until as recently as 1977.

Before the French used them, they were fairly commonly found in Scotland, England - and (according to one report) Ireland.   The last use in England was in 1650 - and the last in Scotland was 1710.

As such, these machines would not be out of place in any fantasy setting.

Prison wagons have also been around for a long time - it's uncertain when the first was made.   They were frequently used to display prisoners to the masses en-route to some sort of execution.

With a different coat of paint, the Prison wagon would also work well as a mobile cage for circus animals - which could be combined with the Gypsy wagon (which doubles as a circus wagon) to bring the circus to your town.

Having our heroes rescue an unfortunate from such a death - and thereby resolve the intrigue between the Gypsie fortune teller and Egotissimo the Lion Tamer would provide a great "nail-biting finish" to any epic journey.

Build Instructions will be released before the models are shipped to you.

Build Instructions:


First, let's put together the Guillotine.

It is strongly recommended that you do most of your painting BEFORE assembling the model...it's a lot easier that way!

Locate the floor and four sides for the scaffold:

Glue the two side pieces to the sides of the floor - take careful note of the location of the two holes in the floor!

Next, glue the remaining two sides to the floor.   Then locate the parts for the staircase:

Glue the stair steps together with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top:

Make sure all of the grooves in the side line up - then glue the handrails to the steps as shown below:

Glue the steps onto the side of the scaffolding - paying close attention to the location of the square holes in the scaffolding floor - which must be on the opposite side to the staircase:

If possible, use either a modelling knife/scalpel or some fine-grit sandpaper to "sharpen" the edge of the blade!

Locate the five parts of the blade assembly - and put them to one side for the moment:

Locate the three parts of the guillotine's frame:

Glue the three frame pieces together - the larger piece goes in the middle of the sandwich - make sure the etching on the outer pieces both face outwards:

OK - let's assemble the blade mechanism:

Place (DO NOT GLUE) one of the two blade holder parts under the guillotine frame with the small round hole at the top: 

Glue the blade onto the blade holder - MAKING SURE NOT TO GET GLUE ON THE SIDE RAILS OF THE FRAME!) - then glue the other blade holder part on top of that - again, being careful to keep glue from the sides of the frame:

Glue the two pegs through the blade holder, locking the blade in place:

When the glue is all set - you should be able to slide the blade up and down the guillotine frame - but with enough friction that it stays put at whatever position you want.

Now glue the completed frame into the square holes in the scaffolding.  Make sure that the two square holes in the back of the guillotine frame face towards the staircase - on the back side of the scaffolding:

Here is a view from the back side of the frame:

Next, locate the parts of the gurney - to which the victim would be strapped:

Glue the two side frames into the holes at the back of the guillotine frame:

Glue the top of the gurney to the side rails - and slot the neck brace between the gurney frame and the rails of the guillotine.  There is no need to glue this part down - it can be left removable (as it would be in reality).

Locate the parts for the two 'head baskets':

Glue them together with the smallest piece on the bottom and the largest on the top - try to keep them symmetrical-looking:

If you're a real detail fanatic - consider threading a coarse thread or florist's wire through the hole in the handle on the frame that's used by the executioner to release the blade - and also from the hole in the top of the frame to the to of the blade holder where the rope that pulls the blade back up to the top goes.   You could also use painted paper strips for the straps that would have been used to hold the victim to the gurney while their crimes are read to them and the executioner prepares to earn his shilling.  Use a mix of dark red/brown for old/dried blood and bright red paint for fresh blood.  It's not gonna be a pretty sight!

My efforts at painting look like this:

Prison Wagon:

Again, it is strongly recommended that you do most of your painting BEFORE assembling the model...it's a lot easier that way!

Locate the floor of the wagon and all of the wheel/axle assembly parts:

Glue the wheels onto the axles:

Glue the front axle into the shafts:

Glue the rear axle into the slot in the floor - then push BUT DO NOT GLUE the front axle through the round hole at the front of the wagon - and glue the round boss on top of it.  Try not to get glue onto the floor of the wagon because we want the front wheels to rotate and for the shafts to be able to tip towards the ground when no horse is in harness:

Locate the front walls and driver's seat:

Glue them together:

Glue the front and rear walls onto the wagon floor:

Glue the side walls between the front and back walls:

Glue the part with the rounded corners onto the underside of the roof - it must be centered between the sides and about 3mm from the back of the roof as shown here:

This enables the roof to be removed during the game when prisoners are added or released:

All done!

Here is one suggestion for a paint scheme:


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From: mands  Date: 2018-12-06 09:14:25  

mycoles login
From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-06 09:07:14  

Sorry - wrong URL!

Should have been:


From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-05 16:48:13  

...and it's done! https://letsrunwithit.com/php/BlogEntry.php?action=update&ident=179

From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-05 16:09:00  

We hear you! I'm setting up a two-pack with two wagons and no guillotine - it'll be the same price...I should have that up and available in a couple of hours.

From: Jim  Date: 2017-07-05 09:36:22  

Shoot! I just wanted to get the prison wagon.
From: Jim  Date: 2017-07-05 09:01:11  

Shoot! I just wanted to get the prison wagon.
From: Thunder  Date: 2017-07-05 04:12:06  

I would also like to buy a few wagons, but I don't need a few guillotines.


From: Bill Redifer  Date: 2017-07-04 10:03:59  


From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-02 09:55:13  

From: Bob "Limbolance" Sweeney  Date: 2017-07-01 08:28:12  

For me; I have a Adventure using 12-30 wagons of various types (still need apothecary style; 2-3 different "family wagons"; "side show" style - small stage; high sided carts; barrel wagons, black smith; would like to add butcher wagon; medical (ambulance).
From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-06-28 13:59:55  

It's hard to know whether we're overdoing (or underdoing) specific categories of objects (wagons, buildings, ships etc) - the thing we get most consistent requests for are medium-sized ships. So in August we'll be "launching" our new "Elven Longship" (which I'm really pleased with BTW!). But ships are a lot of effort to design (5 prototypes and counting for the Elven longship!) and the are relatively pricey. We like doing wagons because (being small) they are fairly cheap and lots of people like them too. So - if you have ideas for wagons we haven't done - let's hear them! Remember - if you have an idea that we hadn't thought of - then if/when we make it - you get a freebie!

From: Bob "Limbolance" Sweeney  Date: 2017-06-28 08:49:55  

LOVE the wagons - keep them coming!!!!

From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-06-14 06:56:27  

Yeah - good idea!

From: Randy  Date: 2017-06-07 19:11:27  

Glad to see you are still in business!!!

You should put a link to here from your old home page...