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28mm MoTM: Two Circus Cage wagons.

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28mm Model-of-the-Month (extra) for July is two Circus Cage wagons.

This is the second month of our "Model of the Month" (MoTM) project.  Each  month we're planning to make a limited run of a different model.

Many people requested to get TWO of the wagons instead of one wagon and the guillotine kit.

With a different coat of paint, the Prison wagon would also work well as a mobile cage for circus animals - which could be combined with the Gypsy wagon (which doubles as a circus wagon) to bring the circus to your town.

Having our heroes rescue an unfortunate from such a death - and thereby resolve the intrigue between the Gypsie fortune teller and Egotissimo the Lion Tamer would provide a great "nail-biting finish" to any epic journey.

Build Instructions:

It is a lot easier to paint the parts BEFORE you assemble them!

Locate the floor of the wagon and all of the wheel/axle assembly parts:

Glue the wheels onto the axles:

Glue the front axle into the shafts:

Glue the rear axle into the slot in the floor - then push BUT DO NOT GLUE the front axle through the round hole at the front of the wagon - and glue the round boss on top of it.  Try not to get glue onto the floor of the wagon because we want the front wheels to rotate and for the shafts to be able to tip towards the ground when no horse is in harness:

Locate the front walls and driver's seat:

Glue them together:

Glue the front and rear walls onto the wagon floor:

Glue the side walls between the front and back walls:

Glue the part with the rounded corners onto the underside of the roof - it must be centered between the sides and about 3mm from the back of the roof as shown here:

This enables the roof to be removed during the game when prisoners are added or released:

All done!


Reader Forum: 28mm MoTM: Two Circus Cage wagons.

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From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-12 10:21:10  

@Thunder: Glad to be of help. It's always hard to know whether we are bundling things as people want - and there is always a trade-off between putting more things in a bundle than people really want - and having too little, which is really a waste of shipping costs. So whenever you guys have feedback - don't hesitate to let us have it!

From: Thunder  Date: 2017-07-08 07:37:04  

Thanks for being responsive folks. Ordered.

From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-07 05:14:24  

@Limbolance: Renee will contact you via email.

From: Bob "Limbolance" Sweeney  Date: 2017-07-06 10:50:31  

I've already put my order in - too late to change to 2 wagons???
From: Steve Baker  Date: 2017-07-06 02:42:47  

Hopefully, this will solve a few problems for people!