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28mm MoTM: Viking Ship Add On Pack

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Sorry - this item is no longer available.

28mm Model-of-the-Month (extra) for November is the Viking Ship Add-on Pack.

Note that this add-on pack is only available until the end of November 2017 - it comes as an unpainted kit.

WARNING: Almost nobody will need to buy this! See Below!

Our Viking ship kit (See: 28mm Viking Ship Kit) comes with one red/white striped sail and a beautiful dragon figurehead as standard.

HOWEVER, we know that lots of you would like to purchase more than one of these kits and make each one of them look different.

So to help you out, we're offering this "Add-on Pack".


The add-on kit includes:

  1. Two alternative figureheads (Fenrir the monstrous wolf and an Eagle).
  2. One alternative tail-piece - which could either be a wolf or an eagle tail depending on how you paint it.
  3. An alternative sail - which is Blue and White striped (instead of the Red/White in the original kit).


Although this add-on pack may be purchased separately - if you buy more than one of our Viking ships - we include a FREE add-on pack for every additional ship kit after the first.

  • Buy two Viking ships and you get one of these add-on packs for free.
  • Buy three Viking ships and you get TWO add-on packs for free.
  • Buy four Viking ships and get THREE add-on packs for free!
  • ...and so on.

So you'll ONLY need to actually buy this pack if you're only buying ONE Viking ship and you would prefer a different colored sail or figurehead...or if you're buying multiple viking ships and want none of them to have red sails or dragon prows.


Reader Forum: 28mm MoTM: Viking Ship Add On Pack

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From: Steve Baker  Date: 2018-02-10 18:51:43  

Yes - but not right now.

We've been having overwhelming interest in Viking kits - and because we had quite a few in the MoTM pipeline, we decided to push them all together and run another Kickstarter.

This is currently planned to start somewhere in early March and to end in early April.

We're still working on the exact list of kits - but the Viking Longhouse that we formerly announced as an MoTM will instead be a Kickstarter reward.

There will also be a full-sized longship - and a bunch of Viking and Anglo-Saxon buildings and accessories.

We'll announce it here on Let's Run With It - and on Facebook - and we'll put out updates on all of our older Kickstarters.

MoTM will resume sometime after the Kickstarter completes - and how long that'll be depends on how successful it is!

From: Jim  Date: 2018-02-06 07:02:53  

Hello! Is the Model of the Month still a thing?