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VIking/Anglo-Saxon Stable

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VIking/Anglo-Saxon Stable build instructions

Build Instructions:

As always - if you intend to paint the model, you should paint all of the parts BEFORE assembly.  It's much easier that way.  I recommend painting the solid "inner" wall pieces in a creamy white.  Then dry brush with browns and a little dull green to make it look dirty.   All of the other wooden beams should be in a dark brown, possibly very lightly dry brushed with a mid grey.  The interior woodwork can be any kinda dull color.  I actually used white here - but that was because I wanted the interior to show up well in photographs!



Locate side walls and glue them together:

Locate the parts for the front wall - and glue them together - place them on a flat surface so they stay flat as the glue sets:

Locate the parts for the back wall and the horse stalls:

The small walls are located in the outer row of holes with the taller ones in the center.  If the walls seem not to fit in the holes - swap the left and right walls - they aren't quite identical:

Glue the front wall in place:

Find the three A-frames:

Glue one to the back wall, one to the front wall and one in the center - note that the pegs on the legs of the 'A' fit into holes in the side walls:

Glue the front wall in place:

Glue the roof support beams in place:

Locate the parts of the buckets - and glue them together:

Glue the roof material over the roof timbers - optionally, glue the decorative ends onto the roof plank and glue that on top of the thatch.


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