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Motte and Bailey Walls build instructions

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Motte and Bailey Walls build instructions.

The Straight Wall Sections:


This kit has two wall sections per sheet of plywood.  Separate out the parts for one wall section:

Some of the shipped kits have a small design error in one of the two upper walkway parts - there is a little square tab on one end of the part - please cut this off with a knife:

Glue the upper walkway supports in place:

Glue the walkway to the supports and to the wall itself:

Glue the floor to the wall - and before the glue dries, insert and glue the two support brackets:


Repeat for the other straight wall sections.

Curved Wall Sections:

Each plywood sheet contains the parts for TWO curved wall sections.  Separate out the parts for one of them:

Glue one walkway support to each of the wall sections and glue a floor support bracket to each end of the floor part:

Glue the four wall sections to the floor - note that two of them have holes for the floor support brackets - and these must be the ones on either end:

Glue the upper walkway to the wall and to the support brackets:

Repeat for the other curved wall section,

The Guard Tower:

Each guard tower has it's own sheet of plywood - separate out all of the parts:

Glue the front wall to the floor:

Glue the upper floor into the slots in the front wall:

Glue the two side walls to both floors and the front wall:

The Gates:

Separate out the following parts:

Separate out the doors from the front wall - there is a thin strip of waste material between the doors and the door frame - be sure to remove and discard that also.

Glue the upper walkway supports into the wall: BUT DO NOT GLUE THE WALKWAY ONTO THE BRACKETS AT THIS TIME (Yes, I made that mistake when assembling this kit!)

Glue the floor supports in place:

Separate out all of the parts for the door hinges - these parts are quite fragile - and we included several spares just in case!

Glue the L-shaped brackets into the holes in the wall - two facing outwards and two inwards.

Glue a hinge part into each of the holes in the two doors:

Glue four more hinge parts into the holes in the front wall:

Cut two millimeters off of the end of two of the hinge pins (sorry - we messed up the design of them!):

Glue the longer pins into the upper hinge of the door and the shorter one into the bottom hinge.  DO NOT get glue onto the hinge part that attaches to the wall.

(This turned out to be impossibly fiddly with the walkway in place - which is why I told you not to make my mistake!)

The brace beam can now be placed across the doorway on either side to prevent people either entering - or exiting the walled enclosure.   It might seem odd to want to keep people inside the enclosure - but when the gate is between the Motte and the Bailey - and the attackers have breached the walls and entered the bailey you want to deny them the ability to leave it again. 

Hence the ability to block the doorway from either side.

NOW you can glue the upper walkway in place!

All Done!

Note that you can configure the walls, towers and gates in many ways to make an enclosure of different sizes - I liked this one the best!


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