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Motte and Bailey - Motte build instructions

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Motte and Bailey - Motte build instructions

These instructions are for the Motte - the instructions for the Keep (the tower at the center of the Motte) are in another Blog entry.

First separate out all of the wall sections and the entrance doors.  Notice that two of the pieces have an extra hole in them.

Next, find the four pieces of the upper floor - it's easy to get them in the wrong place - so make sure that they are fitting perfectly - they only fit perfectly if they are in the right order.  Glue together the edges:

Then glue the four L-shaped corners - making sure that they protrude out into the center square by about 10mm:

Set that aside on a flat surface for the glue to completely set.  Next find the four base pieces:

These also have to be fitted and glued together in the right order around the circle...look carefully at the positions of the holes either side of the joins on the four sides:


When it's all glued together, it should look like this:

Again, leave this on a flat surface until the glue sets.

Next, take the small wall section that goes underneath the main entrance and glue that into a pair of holes somewhere around the circular base:

Then glue a wall section without a window onto the opposite side of the circle:

Next, glue a wall into the "3 o-clock" and "9 o-clock" positions:

Now take the Motte's upper floor (you DID wait for the glue to set - right?!) and glue it in place into three walls at the back...notice that there are special, differently shaped tabs on the section of the floor where the entrance way wall section is at.  There are three square tabs (all of the others are pointed) - make sure that the central one of those three is glued into the notch in the front wall section:

Now take the entrance section - it will have to bend a little to fit into the holes on the base and to accept the square tabs from the upper floor:

Now continue by gluing the remaining wall sections in place.  You can do it so that there is a regular alternation between the sections with an archery slit and the plain ones - but it might be more interesting to make them less regular and thereby introduce places around the motte that are more strongly protected and other that are weaker - perhaps an alert attacker will notice this and deliberately choose to attack at those places?   Perhaps the defender will realize this and position more men in those locations?

Notice that the two sections with the small square hole go next to the entranceway.

When you're done - you should have a complete circle of walls.  You might want to take a moment to be sure that the whole assembly is nicely vertical before the glue sets really hard.

Next, locate the parts for the entrance doors:

Glue four door hinges into the two doors:

...and four more into the entrance wall - along with two of the 'L' pieces that support the cross beam that locks the doors shut in times of peril:

Use the mushroom-shaped pins to pin the doors in place - so they can still open and close:

The cross-brace locks the door shut when needed:

Next we'll construct the stairway from ground level up to the height of the Motte - this comes in three sections.   In reality, if the large bailey wall were to be breached by attackers, the defenders would rush up this stairway - setting fire to it as the last of them ran up it.  The tall side walls would constrain any attackers who came up it to form a convenient killing zone for the defenders.

First section:

Glue a staircase side onto one of the side walls - making sure that the small square holes line up:

Glue the four cross-pieces into place as shown:

Glue another staircase side onto the protruding pins:

Then glue the other side over the four pins and onto the wall side:

Find the planks and break them into individual stair treads:

Glue on onto each notch in the stairway sides:

Second section:

Locate the following parts:

Glue the rectangular end piece that does NOT have spikes onto the ends of the side walls - at the end where the two triangular protrusions are:

Glue two more cross-braces into the slots at front and on top of the structure:

Glue the two side walls in place over the protruding pins:

Glue the deck in place:

This section hooks under the first section - you could glue it in place - but it's better not to so you can remove each section of stairway if it is destroyed:

Third section:

Locate the following parts:

Glue a staircase side onto one of the side panels:

Glue the straight and curved cross-pieces in place:

Glue the other staircase side in place:

Glue the other side panel:

Glue all of the stair-treads in place:

The three section entrance is now complete:

Notice that it slots into holes under the entranceway of the Motte:

All Done!


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