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We make a range of model buildings, ships and accessory kits for tabletop gamers. Right now, we're concentrating on 28mm scale models from a range of historical periods - but we're gradually widening our horizons as our business grows. Our models come as pre-painted plywood kits that you glue together with simple woodworking adhesive. We use two large, state-of-the-art laser cutters for manufacturing - so every kit fits together perfectly every time with clear instructions and step-by-step photos.

We currently have a complete European-style Medieval Village, an extensive East-Asian series, our Pirate/Caribbean and WildWest series, Castles and Siege Engines series and soon we'll add our latest Victorian/SteamPunk series which was successfully Kickstarted and will be available at the store soon after we finish fulfilling our backers rewards.

Renaissance Miniatures is a small business and our products are in huge demand. For that reason, delivery dates tend to be longer than we'd like.

PLEASE NOTE:We are usually able to ship your order within two weeks, but large orders may take a little longer.

-- Renee & Steve

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