Poseidon's Revenge

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Poseidon's Revenge

Poseidon's Revenge is a 3-masted barque longue - that's seen better days. After 50 years spend rotting in Davey Jones' locker, she's back to terrorizing the mid-Atlantic. She has brown, rotted sails and slime-green paintwork and 'seaweed' trailing over her hand rails. Armed with ten 6lb cannons (all included in the kit). Removable masts and upper deck.

NOTE: Figurines and beer barrels shown for scale only - they are not included in our kits unless specifically listed.

This pre-painted ship kit is designed to play well with "heroic-scale" 28mm figurines. The model is shipped in kit form and is easy to assemble using white woodworkers glue. You'll need a craft-knife or box-cutter in order to separate some of the pre-cut parts but no cutting, shaping or sanding is required. Some ship kits include gun barrels that are not pre-painted.

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