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      <page pageid="1" ns="0" title="Main Page">
          <lh pageid="711" ns="0" title="Expansion Packs" />
          <lh pageid="772" ns="0" title="The Well Oiled Scabbard Tavern" />
          <lh pageid="773" ns="0" title="The Dragon Drop Inn" />
          <lh pageid="774" ns="0" title="The Drowning Lizard Brewery" />
          <lh pageid="779" ns="0" title="Product: Fences" />
          <lh pageid="780" ns="0" title="Product: Well" />
          <lh pageid="781" ns="0" title="Product: Tables and benches" />
          <lh pageid="782" ns="0" title="Product: Tables and stools" />
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