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MV1KS 079.jpg
MV1KS 004.jpg
MV1KS 005.jpg
MV1KS 051.jpg
MV1KS 055.jpg
MV1KS 063.jpg
MV1KS 074.jpg
MV1KS 076.jpg
MV1KS 078.jpg
MV1KS 087.jpg
MV1KS 093.jpg
MV1KS 098.jpg
MV1KS 100.jpg
MV1KS 102.jpg
MV1KS 103.jpg
MV1KS 107.jpg

Read about how we made the baseboard for these photos

WARNING: Renaissance Miniatures models are NOT TOYS.

They are intended for use by teen and adult gamers and have parts that might be considered choke-hazards for small children.
They should never be given to children under the age of 5, and older children should be supervised when using them.