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Steve's pet peeve: We'd call it "Ye Olde Mille" - but when printing was introduced, English printers used french typefaces and were forced to replace the medieval letter "Þ" ("thorn") with a "Y". The Modern English equivalent of "thorn" is the letters "th". Hence, in medieval times, the word "the" was still pronounced "the" but hand-written as "ÞE"...which the printers transcribed as "ye" which modern readers incorrectly pronounce as "ye" instead of "the" as medieval readers would have done. The affectation of adding e's to the ends of words like "olde", "shoppe" and "mille" was actually due to the roots of English having a system of gender for nouns - like French and Latin. Feminine words had an 'e' on the end. So "shop" was originally "shoppe" because shops are apparently female kinds of things. Anything that's feminine had to be described with feminine adjectives - hence "Olde Shoppe" and not "Old Shop". By the medieval times, everyone was speaking "Middle English" and the idea of nouns for things other than people, animals and ships having a gender was gone - but the fossilized remains of that system from "Old English" took longer to fade away. Hence "The Old Mill" would have been what our villagers would call it.

The only source of motive power in medieval times was animals, people, wind and water. Water wheels could be used to drive a variety of machinery - from mills to grind grain into flour - to powered hammers for beating metal into thin sheets.

This mill has two floors and a "sod" roof...the actual water wheel is a separate part so you can use this model for other functions or attach the wheel to some other building...or re-imagine it as some kind of exotic human hamster-wheel for the punishment of choose!

MV1KS 100.jpg

This building model is a part of our "Renaissance Village" series. It uses our modular building system so it can be taken apart and re-used with other models in the series and up-coming expansion packs to make an infinite number of different buildings. The scale is designed to play well with 28mm figurines and has a standard 1" grid etched into the floors. Larger buildings come with interior room dividers that can be slotted in and out to reconfigure the layout and the entire building can be dismantled and put together in different ways.

The set is shipped in pre-painted kit form and is assembled using white woodworkers glue. No tools are required.