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What's in a name?

Renaissance Miniatures is the core business that deals specifically with 15mm and 28mm gamer products.
Renaissance Innovations is a spin-off business that deals with unusual and specialty electronics products.
Renaissance Toys is a small manufacturer of custom doll houses, quality wooden toys and toy kits.
We are called Renaissance Miniatures in part because the owner's name is "Renee", in part because the word implies a rebirth, a fresh start, and in part because our first major design project was a toy castle, modeled closely after the ones that were commonplace in Renaissance Europe.

What we do.

We make model buildings, ships and small accessories for table-top gamers. Most of our products are made from plywood, cloth and art-board using a pair of Lasersaur laser cutters (affectionately known as "The Death Ray of Ming the Merciless" and "Illudium Q-36"). Ming now has about 4,000 hours of service under his belt and is believed to be the most heavily used Lasersaur in existence! Q-36 entered service in May 2014.

Our designs are made using a combination of OpenSourced tools, including blender, GIMP and Inkscape. We use MediaWiki both for our public-facing web site and our internal database of CAD drawings, reference art and photo-shoot images. We use Ubuntu Linux for all of our production computers.

We have been funded by the enthusiastic backers of our two successful Kickstarters so we are able to work with zero business debt and no shareholders.

Contacting Us

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You can download our full-page flyer HERE (PDF: 63 Mbytes) or HERE (PNG: 1.4 Mbytes). It's intended to be printed in landscape on US Letter sized paper and Z-folded into three panels.

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